Friday, July 4, 2014


When the unthinkable happens, you always want to be prepared. Now, with these decals you can rest assured that if your house, trailer, storefront or bomb shelter were to spontaneously combust, emergency personnel will be alerted of your most precious cargo and know that they require immediate assistance. I present to you...


...and the all-new...


 These 4.25" x 2.75" decals with their bright red, black and white beauty will catch the eye of firemen audiophiles and post-apocalyptic survivalists alike.  Convenient blank spaces will allow you to write-in how many RECORDS or COMICS you have horded away in your dusty abode. Order one for each door, window and chimney. Get one for the kid's treehouse. What about Aunt Clementine? Those Herb Alpert albums and Howard the Duck issues need to be brought to safety should things go haywire!

Available for $2 each online via on eBay/Paypal HERE on my seller's page!

I'm also pleased to announce that Record Rescue Stickers are available in sunny California at any of the three fabulous AMOEBA MUSIC locations in San Francisco, Berkeley or Hollywood!

Do you have a record or comic shop that you'd like to have carry the Rescue stickers?
Please inquire about wholesale orders (100+ quantity orders) at: poppyrobbie at hotmail dot com!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Koopas - 'New Wave of an Old Sound' unreleased final EP available online

My old band The Koopas had one last EP left in it when we randomly decided to stop playing in early 2002. We were holding out hope that it would eventually be put-out by Mutant Pop Records, which had it lined-up to be released. Having something on this record label was one of the driving forces behind doing EPs with this band and unfortunately before we had the shot, after a couple close attempts, the label closed it's doors and went on an extended hiatus (which it is still in), leaving the project up in the air and unreleased. Frustrated with the whole situation, the EP went on the backburner and simply wasn't released by anyone because frankly I never thought it should've been released by anyone else other THAN Mutant Pop.

Alas, MP never returned and over 10 years after recording it and having posted it online a time or two before, we've made our final 'New Wave of an Old Sound' EP available for streaming and download on a new Bandcamp (hey, everyone else is doing it!) page. Here's to hoping some wild and reckless underground label will hear it and come knocking at our internet door and release this dusty artifact from the confusing and terrain-shifting days of the early 2000's pop punk scene.

Depending on the response, I may also upload the rest of The Koopas' recorded material and make it available for streaming/download as well.

Here ya go!